Pleasing Little People – Marta and Martha

This weekend, a little progress was made on Sebastian’s quilt, while Marta designed a sleeping bag for her bunny (that old shirt/nightshirt fabric is a favourite)!



A lovely photo was also received of a toy made in 2014 having a cuddle with Martha, the granddaughter of its creator – My Little Pony

IMG_0522 (1)


Knitwear Repair

No sewing ‘proper’ over the weekend as there was a lovely baby (7 months) to entertain.  Happily, an opportunity for needlework was provided by his father whose favourite Guernsey sweater (a family heirloom) was literally threadbare and in dire need of mending.   (Perhaps baby will inherit one day – who needs a Philippe Patek?)

Ben and Archie



From the dull – a new zip …

Tip: attach a second zip under the broken one – it looks fine!

Via the mundane – a shortened (but very chic, silk) skirt …

Tip: where hems are delicate, shorten by removing the top.

To the ridiculous – tailoring a pair of fancy dress trousers to fit!

Clara Rackham Banner Square

FRRL Textile Group has created a banner celebrating ‘100 Years of Women’s Suffrage’ in Cambridge.

Sew-in-Company’s contribution is a square based on the cover of a book by Clara Rackham (1875-1966).  Clara was an astonishing suffragist, local councillor, magistrate, factory inspector, suffragist, educationalist and prison reformer in the early 20th Century.  Her civic legacies are numerous around Cambridge (even the swimming pool by Parker’s Piece was one of her achievements); she was also one of the dignitaries present at the opening ceremony for Rock Road Library in 1936 – one of the Rock Road Library’s first ‘Friends‘!

Recycle-recycled Nightshirt

My favourite nightshirt (September 2016) ripped down the back on Christmas Eve – fabric fatigue – so I have replaced the top half with a shirt purchased from a charity shop – I think Sid approves.

The shirt was new so will hopefully last a long time – perhaps longer than the white skirt section – which, of course, I will replace!

PS Needless to say that the scraps of my favourite blue stripe have been saved to make bunting.

Christmas Workshops

There were three jolly sew-days during the festive season – alas I had neglected to remember the third and was still slumbering when my sewers rang the doorbell!

The ‘multicoloured dream gown’, white blouse, toy bag and Sebastian’s quilt all made progress.

… and two elephants and a simple back-pack were created.