Frosty February Sew Day

Appalling weather did not deter my visitor from Eastbourne.

The outputs of this very chilly busy day were:

– progress of a Pat woolly creation;

– a recovered stool;

– and 50 bespoke lavender bag wedding favours.





February Sew-days

A mother & daughter day – one vintage fabric and one new length from the Cambridge branch of Sew Creative, home-made soup and some excellent cheese.  What better way to spend a Saturday?

Alas, there was not time to complete the outfits on the first visit – happily, they were able to return later in the month (and will be back to make a top to match the skirt)!

Festive Sew-days

On two days between Christmas and New Year, we enjoyed sewing around the Christmas tree!

The 30-year, multicoloured house-gown project and a gorgeous Liberty blouse made a little progress; an elegant Japanese jacket was completed in a day; a cushion-cover with a promise of spring was begun and a chic 1950’s period dress began to take shape.

Dorota, Sebastian and Marta also joined in – but no progress on the Marta quilt was made – hopefully it will be completed in 2018 (project year 3)!  It was lovely to see Sebastian’s quilt again!

(Note Sid’s absence – far too many people!)

Marta’s Quilt

Further progress this weekend – both sides are now complete (and Marta enjoyed collecting autumn leaves for a collage picture)!

We enjoyed several sessions in September and October and the tricky process of joining the squares (all of which are slightly different sizes) has progressed well and message has been composed for the reverse.

Granny Quilt II

What a joy, one of the Granny Quilt creators has three sons who have been blessed with new babies in 2017.

Granny Pat knitted a blanket for one, one baby will share his sister’s quilt and, for the baby that arrived in July, Granny Jackie is making something special starting with the fabric cut from the curtains which were shortened for the baby’s bedroom (see June post).  The animal prints are new fabric from Dunelm (too cute to resist) but the rest were from the scrap box, including the remnants from my friend in Eastbourne and a pink ‘lamb’ print which dates back to the 1950s (originally bought by my mother to make curtains for her babies’ nursery).

The design session took place in August – a novel method of double-sided strips will be used – which was intended to be reasonably speedy to complete!

Following two afternoon sessions in October, the quilt is beginning to take shape!


Double-take II

My favourite purple corduroy skirt, created c. 2010 from a maternity dress that I made in the 1980s was looking rather shabby.

Happily the voluminous dress just provided sufficient fabric for a second edition (in a slightly more modest length).

I plan to turn the blouson bodice of the dress into a jacket one day too!

Butterfly Wings

A talented friend occasionally performs as a caterpillar to entertain children.

Of course, the piece concludes with a transformation into a butterfly – but the wings provided with her costume were a little underwhelming.

Sew-in-Company was keen to tackle the challenge using scraps of old lining fabric and silk.

….  and made a bag to discretely transport it to performances (Sid is not impressed).

Weekend Winter Wardrobe

Over a long weekend, several garments were created in anticipation of wintery weather ahead.

A pinafore was created by removing the sleeves of a charity-shop Jigsaw find (not pictured) and the Sew-in-Company reserve of fabric lengths was raided to create another pinafore and two skirts.

£1.99 Oxfam fabric length (before white flaw removed)

Same pattern, different fabrics & waist finishes

Sid enjoying soft wool tweed!