A new term, a lovely new lodger bearing a gift of haberdashery for ‘Sew-in-company’ creatives to enjoy.


Celebration ‘Weskits’

To celebrate some successful ventures, a fabric incorporating the business logos was designed and printed in silk.

Begun at a ‘Weskit-workshop-Sunday’ at which a companion ‘peacock’ waistcoat lining was set out.

Following fittings and adjustments to the pattern –

….. the commission did not take long to complete.

(And there is sufficient fabric left over for some underwear – photo to follow!)

Tie Project Completed

March 1st seemed like a good day to plan a project using a donation from Eastbourne of a large bag of stunning silk ties, bought at auction, to make a ‘house coat’.

Choosing which ties to use was fun – but there was competition for the prettiest ones (work on a smaller size gown has begun)!

None of the experimental configurations quite worked – but inserting some dark strips provided a good contrast and, as the ties were simply joined, only the sleeves of the garment needed lining.

Despite the large range of ties to choose from (including top designers and chain stores), many did not chime with my colour theme and charity shops in Norwich, Shelford and Cambridge enjoyed my custom  – for pure silk ties, I paid from 99 p to £3.99.  Sourcing suitable complementary fabrics to complete the garment was also a challenge – some were found in the family ‘stockroom’ but a trip to Goldhawke Road in Shepherd’s bush (see April post) was necessary.

So, the final garment (which weighs a ton), cost around £60 in materials – but is certainly unique!


Summer Dress Alterations

One delightful fancy-party dress and two linen dresses to improve (alas a nightmare to photograph well):

  1. up-sizing a dress made for a three-year-old to fit a six-year-old by making armholes slightly larger, inserting some strips and a zip (making longer with a border will be a job for next year):

2. adding a white border to provide knee coverage:

3. improving the modesty of the front, removing ties, unhitching sleeves and adding a little white for contrast.

Perfect Summer Wedding

A beautiful bride (the ideal groom), five lovely bridesmaids – a perfect creative opportunity.

One steamy Sunday in June,Sew-in-company helped m-o-b, bride and a bridesmaid assemble the bridesmaids’ gowns – the pattern came from an old Anne Ladbury book (previously seen here) .

Sid performed an inspection and approved! 

So did the bride’s team!

Finally, one bridesmaid (wearing Ghost with altered sash to improve fit) and her mother wearing Sew-in-company jumpsuit and bespoke hat (thank you Helen) …




… with m-o-b and everyone’s favourite Granny in her favourite wedding outfit with her grandson in his!