B-Spoke Commissions

Brenda_Purkiss_ID_13The mission of Sew-in-Company is to encourage everyone to be more creative, however, please do contact Brenda (a.k.a. Sew-in-Company) to discuss projects that you might like her to undertake on your behalf!

Brenda has been creating for nearly half a century!  Below are photos of a sample of commissions completed in recent years.

photo (62)20151219_171951

GF_Wool_Trousers_2015 Caroline_top_2015


Daddy's Wedding Cravat

Cravat ConversionWedding_Cravats_15

photo 1



Seven Bridesmaids Dresses

Seven Bridesmaids Dresses

xBridesmaidsAmy's Bridesmaids, 2013


With Toile

With Toile

Nia_0 Nia_1 Nia_3

Poppy's Bridesmaids

Tunics for a Chinese-theme celebration

Tunics for a Chinese-theme celebrationChinese_tunics_modelledChinese_Tunics_Modelled_2


Eva's Latin American Dress

Eva’s Latin American Dress

xPatterns_with_SidxHenriette_and_Caroline xbag xDominiqueSxSamples

xoldsofa0 xoldsofa2xSid_Sofa_Fabric xsofa


A repair to a bag – a quirky design, fun to make!



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