Claire’s Coffee & Cake Bunting

19 March is a very sad anniversary for my family.

In fond remembrance of my sister, I began some bunting using some cheap cake print fabric I bought many years ago to use at the wonderful, fund-raising coffee mornings that she regularly held at her home.

The bunting will be used to promote ‘cake’ events at Rock Road Library.

The Reverse

I enjoyed selecting the fresh Spring pink, blue and green fabrics – reminding me of our favourite childhood Blackberry Farm stories.


Jubilee Bunting

In fond remembrance of a popular villager, Sew-in-Company inaugural member and beloved sister, Hauxton folk met one afternoon to create some bunting for village events beginning with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June 2012 – it has subsequently made regular appearances!

Village Hall

St Edmund’s Christmas Bazaar 2016