Butterfly Wings

A talented friend occasionally performs as a caterpillar to entertain children.

Of course, the piece concludes with a transformation into a butterfly – but the wings provided with her costume were a little underwhelming.

Sew-in-Company was keen to tackle the challenge using scraps of old lining fabric and silk.

….  and made a bag to discretely transport it to performances (Sid is not impressed).


Quiet Time

May and June have been fallow months for creating – too much gallivanting and way too hot in the sewing room!

Despite the heat, the DofE student has made progress with her project, wedding suits have been altered, darts added to a linen dress, curtains made and shortened (my least favourite tasks) and a stunning wedding gown adjusted – providing three different fabrics to create a plaited headband.

The fabric cut from the curtains will be used for a quilt – the hunt is on for complementary scraps!

Mothering Sunday Weekend Friday 2 – Curtains

On Friday, a project which has taken over three months to plan and execute was collected.  The challenge was to convert a set of ‘pre-loved’ curtains for use elsewhere in a seaside holiday home where the ‘vintage’ brown print curtains were in need of replacement. The recycled curtains, a good quality plain textured weave, were too short and there was not quite enough fabric to cover the expanse of windows in the new location.

Sid carrying out an inspection of the fabric:

The solution was to create two sets of curtains by adding blocks in complementary shades of ocean blue – representing the ocean horizon beyond.

Original heading tape and linings were retained and matched.

The result is very pleasing – 10 curtains matching top and bottom!

The fabric remnants were used to make half-a-dozen unique cushions.

Design and calculations


Bridesmaid Dresses – Alterations

I am often asked to help adjust ‘off-the-peg’ bridesmaid dresses, not my favourite task (it’s much more satisfying to start from scratch) but I am willing to oblige!

The pale green dress was taken in, an additional lining was inserted, a sash created and the strap adjusted.

Waist Definition Required

Waist Definition Required




Much better fit!

Much better fit!

The royal purple dress (on the right) was shortened and the straps were adjusted to address an ‘underarm’ gape.

Right-hand Bridesmaid, Dress Alteration

Right-hand Bridesmaid, Dress Alteration

Photo courtesy of Mister Phill 

Pat’s Wedding Ensemble

Great Grandmother Pat is a popular wedding guest and wanted something special made from a remnant of synthetic fabric bought in the 1960s from Gordon Thoday’s – Cambridge’s most popular, much missed fabric emporium.  The bluey-green print with ochre overtones was not the easiest colour to match – but the blue silk is complementary.

The outfit has now enjoyed three weddings and is hoping for more!

Wedding Party

Yorkshire Wedding, July 2016

Cambridge, July 2013

Cambridge, July 2013