Mothering Sunday Weekend Friday 2

On Friday, a project which has taken over three months to plan and execute was collected.  The challenge was to convert a set of ‘pre-loved’ curtains for use elsewhere in a seaside holiday home where the ‘vintage’ brown print curtains were in need of replacement. The recycled curtains, a good quality plain textured weave, were too short and there was not quite enough fabric to cover the expanse of windows in the new location.

Sid carrying out an inspection of the fabric:

The solution was to create two sets of curtains by adding blocks in complementary shades of ocean blue – original heading tape and linings were retained and matched.

The result is very pleasing – 10 curtains matching top and bottom!

The fabric remnants were used to make half-a-dozen unique cushions.

Design and calculations:



Applique Wedding Runners

At Amy & Jack’s wedding, each of the twelve tables was adorned with a hessian runner decorated with a symbol at each end appliqued by the bride, her mother and father (with a little help) which corresponded to a poem displayed on the table!

The themes were: Nightingale; Spring Rain; Thyme; Thames Path; Maps; Spiral; Oranges; Lone Star; Swing; Water Lily; Bronze; New York.

One day, the decorations will be incorporated into a cover for a piano.